Extreme Duty Speed Ladder (30′)


The Flat Rung Extreme Duty Speed Ladder is a durable tool designed to accommodate the heavy use in commercial and institutional environments for drills and exercises to improve speed, agility, and footwork.

  • Great warm-up tool
  • Increase foot speed
  • Improve coordination
  • Improve agility and quickness
  • Improve your ability to change directions

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The TAP Extreme Duty Speed Ladder is an outstanding sports training accessory requiring mental focus while serving a multitude of functions. The device consists of three ten-foot sections, joined together by Velcro, allowing a variety of uses as a full thirty-foot length ladder or as separate ten-foot ladders. Exercises and drills using the agility ladder require multidirectional foot movement enhancing dynamic balance, coordination, agility, and quickness. This is an excellent device to complement a full-body warm-up routine prior to an intense workout.

The Extreme Duty Flat Rung Ladder is a heavy-duty agility ladder perfect for a variety of drills and warm-up activities. Designed for institutional and commercial use, the ladder is 16" wide between the webbing and has a 19 1/2" overall width; the space between rungs is adjustable. The durable plastic rungs were designed to withstand cleats and lie flat to reduce tripping during drills. This accessory is suitable for indoor or outdoor use and can be spread out or rolled up in seconds.

The Extreme Duty Ladder has its own carrying bag. Instruction for use is not included.