Backspin Tee Pro Lite Model


You now have a super lightweight tee, that you can practice any and all angles with. Can attach the Elite Angle Attachment, as well as easily change the heights with easy push buttons. The price is over $200 CHEAPER than our Pro Heavy Model Tee, which makes this the most affordable Backspin Tee ever made. This tee will be great to use for any age and can be easily moved around to different locations and heights. It is super lightweight, making it easier to carry to the ballparks, and you get a laser stake hole that you can use if you really want to anchor it down. (However, it does not have to be staked down, as you can see in the video below.) The Backspin tee is designed to change the way a hitter looks at the baseball. Practicing the proper location to strike the baseball is essential. You want optimal backspin, for optimal distance. And our baseball tee is how you get it every time. Just keep your eye on the ball, and let our baseball-hitting tee do the rest.

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Backspin Pro-Lite Model Tee Features:

Lightweight square aluminum tubing. Laser-cut stake hole. 4 Height Adjustments by a push button. And with the Elite Angle Attachment add-on feature option, an angle of attack is now accomplished in your training.

Sets up in less than a minute, and is so easy to adjust that any age player can do it.


Developed by a Professional Coach, The Backspin batting tee forces you to focus on the middle and bottom half of the baseball. The middle and bottom half of the baseball is the part professional pitchers don’t want you to hit, because hitting that part of the baseball means backspin, which equals distance, and distance creates champions!

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